Why is a long lead time a good thing?

Many potential clients wonder why we have such a long lead time, which is currently 5 months. The answer is pretty simple and whilst 4-6 months (our average lead time) seems like a long time it is actually a good thing when you are investing in your garden.

As a reputable and growing company our long lead times should be seen as a reassurance that we are a business that is here to stay and not a cowboy that will fit you in the day after and will never be heard of again. 


With a long lead time there is no need to rush on the design that you want and will be enjoying in the years to come.  Samples can be ordered to ensure that you will receive the right product that you desire as well as deciding on a concept and design that is appealing not only to you but also to friends, family and neighbours.


Your garden is just as important as your bathroom and kitchen and requires the same attention and detail to compliment your home.  Waiting a few extra months also allows you to time to plan financially for the project.


Overall a long lead time is a good thing as you will make the right decisions and are less likely to hire a cowboy company.  As a client there will also be the time to check out Companies, their reviews, Company house registration etc and you will get a high quality installation.


If you are looking for a trusted and reliable Landscaper to transform your garden then contact us today and we can arrange a discussion

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