Expert Planting Services for a Flourishing Garden

Creating spaces that work for you

Spring Forward Landscaping offers expert planting services to bring your Worcester garden to life.

Our knowledgeable team is dedicated to selecting and planting the perfect mix of flora, ensuring your garden flourishes throughout the year.

Raised Beds in Worcester secondary image, an overlay of raised ebds

Seasonal Planting for Vibrant Displays

Our planting services are designed to create vibrant displays that change with the seasons. 

From colourful spring bulbs and summer perennials to autumn blooms and winter evergreens, we ensure your garden is always bursting with colour and life.

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Bespoke Planting Services across Worcestershire

We tailor our planting services to meet your garden’s specific needs and your personal preferences. 

Our team works closely with you to develop a bespoke planting plan, selecting the ideal plants that thrive in your garden’s conditions and match your aesthetic vision.

Experts in all things planting.

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Using Skills, knowledge and experience across the elements of Planting and Landscaping


Our skilled horticulturists bring extensive knowledge to every planting project, ensuring the best choices for your garden.


We create customised planting plans that reflect your unique style and the specific requirements of your garden.


Our planting services are designed to enhance the natural beauty of your garden, providing stunning and enduring displays throughout the year.
"Adam, Andy and Lorna from spring forward landscaping were not only professional but worked with us throughout the project to ensure our ideas became reality. Providing advice and guidance to ensure success. The on-site team arrived when they said they would and worked hard throughout the day over coming any unforeseen challenges in their stride. Our garden and the side of our house was transformed from solid concrete blocks and uneven turf to a winding tranquil path into a eye catching low maintenance haven which looks stunning. We could not be happier with the end product."
Karl White