Why are garden transformations so expensive?

Have you ever received several quotes and wondered why the cost varies? Well, the answer is simple all businesses have different overheads.

There has been a misconception over the years that all Landscapers are self-employed or a one-man band and that is true for some but for many they are registered companies and if ran correctly and compliant with HMRC, will most likely be VAT registered. 

As a business we do not pay our employees £50 a day, we have staff on payroll who receive the National living wage as well as paid holiday, sickness and pensions let alone tax and National Insurance. There are also costs related to running a business Insurance, VAT, vehicles, tax etc the list feels never ending.

With the pandemic, Brexit and now the current situation with the increased cost of living the cost of materials, fuel and the living wage have increased dramatically, and this has an impact on ALL businesses.

We are not out to make more money its to stay open, keep our employees and to continue to design and build gardens across Worcestershire.

Please remember to shop local and support small businesses.

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