Why do we charge for site visits?

We explain why we charge for site visits and the advantages it has for you, as a client.

 You may be wondering why we would charge a fee when other companies provide a quote/consultation for free. Here we explain why.

Spring Forward Landscaping Ltd introduced a site visit fee back in 2020 and for nearly 5 years Spring Forward have been delivering high quality installations across the Worcestershire County ensuring that all works carried out are compliant with regulations to create a long lasting and safe outdoor space.

Our passion is to ensure that you receive value and quality throughout the whole process. We just don’t value our time but YOURS as well!  This way we can dedicate our knowledge, time and experience to our clients.

Whilst conducting a site visit and creating a quote can take several hours, there is also the cost of travelling to and from places especially now with the rising fuel costs, use of white spray and ordering samples in (yes some companies do charge) to consider.

With this in mind we have had many clients appreciate and understand why we charge for a site visit and this means we can give them the time and attention to help create and build their dream garden.

To find out if Spring Forward are the company for you why don’t you head over to our testimonials page.

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