The Unusable garden – becomes the tiered sunny corner

The Brief…

When the client finally purchased their ideal home they were faced with a less than ideal garden.  The rear garden needed to be made accessible and useable for the summer months where the client could enjoy their swinging seat without the fear of rolling down the slope.  Borders needed to be created so that flowers, plants and shrubs could be planted to bring life and colour to the garden.

The shared solution

After much consideration it was agreed that it was best to incorporate the height difference with the garden by creating levels. Each level created a journey of purpose including, a top patio to enjoy the afternoon sun, mid-level boasted a lush green lawn instantly produced by fresh turf with the lower level  offering a shaded patio for the warmer days.

Timber sleepers were used to build the levels to provide a more natural approach to the tiered garden. Borders were built in along either side of the mid-level to eventually soften the finished design.