Winter is coming…

Winter maybe coming but that doesn’t mean you can shut your door on the garden and forget about it until the spring now is the perfect opportunity to get some jobs in preparation for spring as well as giving you a head start for the New Year.

Firstly, the sensitive plants will need protection from the strong gales, frost and freezing temperatures we can face over the next few months. You can protect them from moving them to a heated greenhouse, finding a more sheltered spot or even wrapping them up. Materials such as, fleece, Polystyrene, straw, bracken and hessian can be used to insulate plants and protect them from the cold. To ensure they don’t sweat and possibly rot covers can be removed if there are extended periods of mild weather forecasted and can be replaced when it drops again.

The cold winter months does not stop those weeds coming through! They still need to be kept in check. It’s the ideal time to dig up those pesky perennial weeds with long tap roots, such as, dandelions and mallow.

Now is the ideal time to plant Tulip bulbs. Whilst some Tulips keep going year on year others don’t and need to be replaced each year. Lily bulbs can also be planted in pots and can be left out to naturally flower in the summer or can be kept inside to flower and bloom earlier.

Don’t forget about the wildlife over the colder months especially birds. Fat blocks in wired bird feeders are an ideal food source over the winter as well as leaving out a grain/nut mix to ensure they have a balanced diet. Water bowls should also be available to keep your visitors hydrated.

If you want to get ahead in your garden over the winter month’s click the link below and we can arrange winter maintenance for your garden.


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